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With Centerville Irrigation just one week later you yard is looking greatOur Centreville irrigation team has been saving customers time and money for over a decade. While we're all in business to make money our goal is to do something for you that saves you money in the long run. We do it with a three-pronged service plan. We do an initial system repair and optimization followed by an end of year blowout and winterization. Then the following spring we do a recalibration to make sure that nothing happened over the winter months.

When our Centreville irrigation team comes in to do the initial system repair and optimization, we take a full survey of your landscape and divide it into grid zones. Each zone is checked for current efficiency and every individual pop up head is evaluated. Any replacements or repairs will be done on the spot. Once the entire system has been repaired the tech will then individually calibrate every pop up head and drip line on your system so that the correct amount of water is getting to each area of your lawn. If there are areas that your current system cannot effectively cover, we'll tell you and give you options for additions to your current system.

Protect Your System Against a Cold Snap

a Centreville tech adjusts a hunter sprinkler head with the adjustment keyIn September or October of the year, our team will schedule a winterization and blowout service that will force all the water out of your system so it doesn't freeze during the cold winter overnights and cause damage to sensitive systems, including the diaphragms and riser plungers as well as the PVC piping. An optional antifreeze can be pumped in but isn't necessary for our area of the country. We will also cover each individual pop-up head to protect it from debris during the winter months.

To get your system back up and running, we will schedule a spring maintenance and recalibration service call. We will remove the winterization measures that were put in the previous fall and run your system through a test watering. Our Centreville irrigation techs will make sure your system is running at peak performance so you use the minimum amount of water to achieve maximum results, giving you one of the best-looking landscapes on the block with the least amount of effort possible.

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