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a Centreville Sprinkler Repair tech hand adjusts a mini pop up headIf you're still using a sprinkler system that was installed over 15 years ago it's time to have a professional come out and optimize it. There's a good chance that the system on your property was installed before zoning systems were begin used. This means that you aren't getting the performance out of your sprinklers that you should be. Our Centreville sprinkler repair team can evaluate the condition of your current system and design a new one that will incorporate all of your existing components and give you far more efficient irrigation.

Most of the components in older sprinkler systems are still in perfectly good condition, they simply weren't installed with efficiency in mind. They were installed as a convenience, a way to limit the amount of time that was spent hand watering. They generally spray water haphazardly over the lawn with little attention paid to the actual needs of different areas of the landscape. By addressing the needs of your lawn, a simple recalibration of the sprinkler heads can greatly reduce the amount of waste in your system.

this new riser replaced an older, shorter oneOur Centreville sprinkler repair team can use your existing system as a spine to add additional lines to. These lines can be anything from drip irrigation lines for foundation plantings to zone specific mini rotors for specimen plantings. Switching out your old sprinkler heads with new ones will give you better performance and coverage as most of them were only designed to last for 8 to 1 years.

The one other area that could use a major update on an old sprinkler system is the controller (if there even is one). Controller technology has advanced considerably in the past few years and has enabled systems to have as many as 24 individual zones on a single line. This makes precision watering possible for almost every system in existence. Our Centreville sprinkler repair team believes that these additions can allow your lawn and plantings to grow bigger and stronger while cutting your water usage (up to 40% in many cases).

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